What Customers Have to Say: Leaf Implementation Roundtable

Three Leaf customers share insights for those building with Leaf.

What makes an integration with Leaf successful?

The Leaf Customer Success and Customer Support teams set out to answer that question when they met recently with three customers who have successfully integrated or are in the process of doing so.

The roundtable of customers included:

Tune into the video clips below to hear what went well, what were some interesting learnings, as well as what they are looking forward to building after implementation.

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What motivated you to build with Leaf?


  • Adam shares how CIBO Technologies is leveraging one integration with Leaf to help the CIBO grower program identify incentives that are available to a grower when it comes to sustainability, including carbon markets and regenerative farming.


  • Ali explains how a single point of contact for farm data integration with Leaf enables Ellingson Companies to help growers analyze their fields and determine ROI for drain tile investments.


  • Tom is excited about the predictions Arva will be able to provide for carbon and environmental markets by connecting with Leaf for both telematics and data conversion of farm data.


What helped implementation go well? 



  • Tom shares that Leaf's responsiveness allowed Arva to keep moving quickly as they got up-to-speed. When paired with helpful documentation, he notes that it accelerated the process and minimized cost for Arva.



  • When Ellingson Companies was able to onboard over 100,000 acres quickly during implementation, it allowed them to test against the market and see how they were providing value to growers.



  • When Leaf was able to introduce Ali and his team to Climate, an API partner, it provided additional benefits beyond just technology.


What was one learning you had through the implementation process?


  • Being able to have test data for all the data providers that Leaf works with will enable even smoother implementation experiences in the future.



  • Leaf's services will be even more valuable when there are standardized farm data units and measurements available, creating a more seamless onboarding.


What recommendations would you have for new Leaf customers?


  • Adam suggests making sure to comb the documentation and data types, and then match it against the gaps you are trying to fill. 



  • Before you begin implementing with Leaf, it's important to have clarity on the problem you are solving and if there is a market for it.


What excites you about the future with Leaf?


  • Adam and Ali share that the ability to scale with Leaf is exciting and it keeps their focus on the business value of their work versus dealing with the headaches of digital infrastructure needs.



  • Tom is excited that both Arva and Leaf are nimble. This will allow mutual growth into areas like mobile integrations with product codes and the ability to have more robust input databases.


It's an exciting time to build.

Leaf's mission is to help companies build the future of agriculture by providing intuitive, powerful tools so that developers can focus on their core applications and deliver value to their customers. 

Leaf’s unified API helps Agtech companies become instantly compatible with all major agriculture data sources so they can focus their full effort on building valuable applications for their customers while Leaf’s team manages the complicated and time-consuming challenges of data integration, file translation, standardization, and ongoing integration maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about Leaf, please find product information here and register for an account here.

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