Planet Imagery via Leaf

Easy to use, agriculture use-case ready Planet imagery via Leaf’s API

     Planet’s daily revisit, 3m resolution satellite imagery (with new support of RedEdge, NDRE and Usable Data Masks) is available via Leaf’s Imagery service. Leaf’s imagery service makes it easy for developers to access agriculture-ready Planet imagery such as processed RGB, NDRE, NDVI images and individual spectral bands cropped to a field. Historical images (backfill) are automatically populated and new images (forwardfill) are available within seconds of capture. Companies can use an existing Planet account or subscribe to Planet imagery directly with Leaf.

     Leaf’s imagery service allows developers to easily retrieve customer-ready images for any field in the world. Developers simply register a field boundary with a backfill date and imagery provider, then Leaf returns cropped, color corrected RGB, NDRE, and NDVI images for every time an image is available. In addition, cropped images of each individual band are returned for advanced use. 

     By registering a field and specifying "providers": ["planet"] in the request, Planet imagery will be processed and returned in the same format as other imagery providers currently available through Leaf.

Supporting RedEdge, NDRE and Usable Data Masks 

     Leaf has expanded its Planet API file support to include Usable Data Masks, RedEdge and NDRE asset types in addition to RGB and NIR (NDVI). “Support for Usable Data Masks provides customers more leverage to identify which pixels in the image are clear or cloudy, or are contaminated by light or heavy haze, or snow.” (read more)

     Similarly, integrating NDRE data allows for full-season use of Planet multispectral imagery, including later plant growth stages. The individual RedEdge band will also fill a known gap for CVML product developers that use RedEdge for specific research analysis and advanced product development.

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Benefits of Accessing Planet API Through Leaf

  • Simple and powerful 
    • Work with a single API to be compatible with multiple Imagery providers including Sentinel-2, Planet, Landsat, and more.
    • Leaf handles image processing (image indexing, cropping, corrections, band math, etc.) so you can easily access, display, and use prepared images.
    • Backfill automatically populates and new images are available within seconds of capture.

  • Works with other Leaf services
    • Alerts can be used to receive notifications when new Images are available. 
    • Field Boundaries facilitate boundary management and version control across platforms. 
    • Field Operations data and Imagery data can be used together for use cases in Agronomy, Farm Management, Fintech, and more.
  • Subscribe with your Leaf account
    • Subscribing through Leaf gives you access to Leaf’s premium support, flexible pricing, and access to our latest updates and features.
    • No additional contracts or accounts necessary.

Imagery Use Cases 

  • Farm management and in-season monitoring
  • Carbon & sustainability management including remote tillage detection
  • Fraud detection for insurance, lending, and carbon products
  • Agronomy
    • Fungicide variable rate recommendations (link
    • Nitrogen Management (link)
    • Growth regulator variable rate recommendations in cotton (link
    • Soil salinity monitoring (link) 
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The Planet Advantage

  • Daily Revisit:
    • Leaf customers can access daily images back to 2015 for any field.
    • Daily imagery allows better identification of trends,  management zones,  environmental conditions over time, and proof of regenerative practices.
  • Key Layers at High Resolution:
    • RGB, NIR, and each individual band available at 3 meter resolution.
    • These layers allow for the creation of additional data layers created from the base data sets such as NDRE and NDVI (provided by Leaf) and additional vegetation indices like NDWI. 
    • High resolution images can be used for CVML models, crop stress models, early weed escape detection, remote scouting location and timing determination, and harvest planning. 

How to Use Leaf's Imagery Service With Planet

Here's how to get started: 

Authenticate with Leaf

Send a field to be monitored

Retrieve imagery for the field and display

     That's it! This will return pre-processed Planet images and raw bands for a given date range. You can also use Alerts to receive a notification when new images are available.

Note: this will be fully self service in the future, but for now please contact us to remove the initial acre limits for your account.

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     Software developers use Leaf’s API to build and scale a wide range of products including farm optimization tools, lending products, outcome-based financing, land and input marketplaces, agronomic recommendations, traceability applications, equipment maintenance forecasting, and more.

     Here are links to Leaf’s website and docs to learn more. 

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