Machines API

Build with consistent machine data including fuel consumption, engine hours, machine names, operation history, and more. 

Leaf's Machines API features consistent machine data from all brands. This enables the ability to query all connected machines across platforms, queries to get Field Operations by machine, matching machines from cloud platforms with machines from local files. Just recently, we have also added the ability to query by machine serial number, model, make, category, and modelYear.

Why Machine Data Matters

Information about how farm machinery performs operations on a field can be just as important as the Operation Data. Machine performance information can include total engine hours, fuel consumption, which fields the machine visited, machine’s name, serial number, ID, and much more.

Having complete, consistent data from farm equipment enables and enhances use cases including agronomy, predictive maintenance, carbon / sustainability tracking, farm management, depreciation tracking, Fintech applications, and more.

How It Works

After connecting with a data provider via Leaf, you can use the Machine endpoints to retrieve all machines in a given account and detailed information about specific machines including which operations they performed, which fields they have visited, total engine hours, fuel consumption, and more. In addition, you can now query for Operation Files and Field Operations by Machine in addition to accessing this data by field or by Id.

Calibration tracking example:

  • Combine 1 was calibrated before going to the field but Combine 2 was not. Using machine data you can sort files by Combine and automatically send the files from Combine 2 to post-calibration before reporting yield for that Field Operation.

Benefits of Leaf Machines:

  • Unlock new use cases for your customers
    • Use fuel consumption insights for carbon markets
    • Assess new equipment buying decisions with detailed performance information
    • Use Machine information for predictive maintenance reminders
    • Analyze machine efficiency metrics for true cost per acre
  • Organize field operations data by machine
    • Allow user to separate/observe application data by machine
    • Post calibrate files on a machine by machine basis
    • Retrieve historical Field Operations by Machine
  • Show users which machines are active
    • Display Machines and Machine names in a consistent format from any provider

Guide to Using Machines

Following is a short guide on how to extract machines data including Operations files. 

  • Once a Leaf User has a valid provider credential attached, machine data will be synced to Leaf. Connecting with a data provider through Leaf is simple and we have guides for each provider available here.

  • The machine data will be extracted directly from the providers’ API and from providers’ operation files, standardized, and made available to be requested at /beta/api/users/{leafUserId}/machines (see our docs):

  • Operations files may contain machine operation data, such as distance traveled, operations hours, etc. These files are assigned to an existing machine if possible, or to a new Machine if needed. For each machine, the related operation files’ information can be found at /beta/api/users/{leafUserId}/machines/{machineId}/files (see our docs):


  • It is also possible to create, edit and delete machines, but only manually created ones can be modified/removed. More on this at the docs.

Get Started!

Visit Leaf Docs to learn more about how to get started with Leaf Machines. 

To learn more about how Leaf’s unified API can help scale ag data or to view a live demo, please visit our website or reach out to Mathew Tapley by scheduling a meeting below.

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