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Arbol launches OEM integrations with Leaf’s API

“Leaf is built by developers, for developers and they understand our needs." - John Coleman, Arbol

“Leaf is built by developers, for developers and they understand our needs."

Arbol is an InsurTech platform for parametric weather insurance products that automatically settles contracts using independent, tamper-proof data. Their goal is to make crop insurance simple, accessible, and transparent for growers around the world. Arbol’s proprietary pricing platform allows for customers to customize a coverage program and get an instant quote for their farm or business with just a few simple clicks. Arbol’s customers love their lower rates and how easy they make insurance compared to the usual arduous, subjective, and manual crop insurance process.

“We use data to offer farmers additional coverage and financial risk management options to help them better protect their operations. We believe getting coverage should be simple, not complicated, allowing the farmer to spend his time building his business rather than buried in paperwork and claims,” said John Coleman, Head of Agriculture for Arbol.

Simplifying Claims through Objective Data:

When Arbol launched in 2018, their goal was to simplify insurance claims with data-driven insurance products, based solely on objective, independent data with less manual intervention. To ensure the data it was using was reliable, immutable, and prepared for product integration, the Arbol team spent over two years building out a massive infrastructure of over 1,000 terabytes of cleaned, standardized climate data, forecasts, and models on a decentralized cloud. The Arbol founders recently released this data infrastructure as a standalone network and data marketplace called dClimate.

Since they are providing their service online to customers in many different regions with a variety of global datasets, they need to make their onboarding and claim validation service as simple and scalable as possible. To accomplish this, the company needed to build compatibility with multiple data sources to retrieve field boundaries, translated machine data, in season imagery data, and more for its SmartYield program. SmartYield is a program that utilizes groundbreaking technology to source data directly from farm machinery and farm management systems to establish planting and harvesting boundaries, determine final yields, and quickly and automatically disseminate payments with no proof of loss or claims process in simple, easy-to-understand programs that cover every peril.

Arbol quickly realized that in order for their product to scale, building individual data integrations with each data source on the market was not a viable option. Not only would the upfront work take their team months to years to complete, but the ongoing maintenance of the many integrations would demand significant time and expense every year.

Integrating with Leaf’s API Infrastructure:

To speed up their product development and go-to-market efforts, Arbol partnered with Leaf for data integration. Arbol’s team built their service on Leaf’s unified API and was able to launch their product in just 3 weeks, allowing them to get to market a year ahead of schedule and increase their sales by up to 200%.

“What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to build products very quickly. We have the data, AI underwriting technology, reinsurance capacity, and a clean online platform. We can build a program in a month, when it may take our competitors years. And now with our partnership with Leaf, I see no limits in our ability to grow, expand, and offer more products to our customers,” said Coleman.

By leaning on Leaf’s expertise, Arbol is able to grow faster, develop more sophisticated products, and focus on offering better services to their customers. “The Leaf API infrastructure is huge. The time and money it would have required for us to build and maintain this ourselves is immense. Leaf filled our knowledge gap with their expertise, efficiency, and enhancements of context on the data,” said Coleman.

Save Resources and Fast Track Product Offerings:

Arbol was able to conduct 9+ months’ worth of work within a three-week timeframe thanks to its integration with Leaf, which resulted in:

  • Up to 200% increase in 2021 expected sales.
  • Their software development team focusing on building products for their customers instead of additional data model updates, integrations, data translation, and maintenance.
  • A seamless onboarding experience for their SmartYield customers.
  • Immediate support for a growing number of farmers in the U.S. and international markets who can file claims with ease and without frustration.

“The scale that Leaf helped us bring is tremendous. They take care of all the cloud connections, file translation, and maintenance of the API data integrations. Because of these advantages, we’ve been able to focus on creating new products for our customers and accomplished months of work in less than three weeks. It would not have been possible without Leaf’s technology.” said Coleman.

To start building with Leaf today please find our registration here and documentation here.

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