2022 Leaf Product Roadmap

G. Bailey Stockdale, Luiz Santana, and Mathew Tapley reflect on 2021 and look ahead to building with Leaf in 2022.

It's An Exciting Time To Build


     G. Bailey Stockdale, Leaf CEO along with Luiz Santana, Leaf's Chief Technology Officer and Mathew Tapley, Leaf's Business Development Lead reflect on 2021 and provide a quick look into Leaf's product roadmap for 2022.

     Leaf's mission is to help companies build the future of agriculture by providing intuitive, powerful tools so that developers can focus on their core applications and deliver value to their customers. 

Get API Keys and Start Building Today!

     Leaf’s unified API helps Agtech companies become instantly compatible with all major agriculture data sources so they can focus their full effort on building valuable applications for their customers while Leaf’s team manages the complicated and time-consuming challenges of data integration, file translation, standardization, and ongoing integration maintenance.

Leaf Product Features

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     If you would like to learn more about Leaf, please find product information here and register for an account here. If you're interested in joining our team, please visit our careers page.


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